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Horseback riding among vineyards

A pleasant walk around our vineyards.

Scroll around the fields of our vineyards in the back of a purebred Menorcan horse and end your trip with a tasting of Torralbenc wines accompanied with local products among the leaves of the vine.

With the arrival of spring Menorca dresses in gold and new fragrances permeate the gentle breeze, making our vineyards an ideal place for a stroll now that the days are getting longer and warmer.

Although you can enjoy a pleasant stroll through our vineyards at any time of the year thanks to the island’s mild climate, in spring they take on a special color and the experience takes on a whole new dimension when you enjoy it on the back of a purebred Menorcan horse.

Experience this equestrian route in which a guide specialized in history will pick you up in Torralbenc and provide you with a traditional Menorcan saddle and the necessary riding equipment, and then ride through the fields to the rhythm of the gentle swaying of the horse while the smell of grapes impregnates your journey.

During the tour you will discover the history of the cellars and the land, which, after a long process of recovery, have been producing Torralbenc wines since 2016, to end this tour with a wine tasting accompanied by local Menorcan products among the leaves of our vineyards.

This intimate route is ridden with Menorcan horses that participate in the iconic “revetlles” (festivities) of San Juan and are therefore agile dressage horses of Aragonese heritage. Although these horses are purebred, they are gentle and sure-footed -they will adapt to your needs- but if you are experienced and wish, you can enjoy the privilege of riding through the grapes in the vineyard or, on the contrary, simply take a leisurely ride on their backs.

For further information or to make a reservation, please contact our Reception:

The route lasts between 2h. and 3h. and is adaptable.  No previous riding experience is needed.



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