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Horseback riding among vineyards

A pleasant walk around our vineyards.

With the arrival of the autumn, Menorca becomes an even more beautiful island. It is quieter, temperatures are milder, and the leaves of our vineyards turn into a golden and reddish colour, which means that the grape harvest is coming.

Although a pleasant walk around our vineyards is possible at any part of the year, autumn is definitely the most magical time. And the experience can be even better on horseback.

After being welcomed and provided with the horseback riding equipment by one of the guides, you will be taken deeper into the 16 hectares vineyard of Torralbenc on the back of a beautiful Menorcan breed horse. The smell of grapes and ploughed earth, and the soft sea breeze will be a pleasant company along the whole ride.

During the excursion, we will learn the history of the winery and its lands, which after a long recovery process, have produced the Torralbenc wines since 2016.

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