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Bodegas Torralbenc
Grape harvest at Torralbenc

The beginning of a new vintage.

September is said to be the month in which the year really begins. It is indeed a very special month for us. The first month of a new vintage, and the time to collect the fruit of our work in the fields, to watch and care for our vines. September is the beginning of a new vintage at Bodegas Torralbenc.
The sun begins to offer us a respite and it is the right time to pick the grapes. In those cooler and more humid early mornings of September, we pick the fruit loaded with sweet and tasty juice: Merlot, Syrah for our red wines; Monastrell for our rosé wines; Parellada, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay or Malvasia for our white wines… Every grape is carefully separated from the vine and placed manually in baskets, which will be brought to the winery where the production of the must will begin.

There is something magical about the vintage. It is the end of a season of hard work in the field, of watching the plants and their grapes grow while making sure that they do so in an optimal quantity and quality so that they can become tasty and unique wines, which are the fruit of rocky land that never imagined that it would offer such a gift.

The hustle and bustle of vintage workdays are the preludes to something new: an elaboration process that requires knowledge, technique, time, calm, rest, and patience. And the result of it will be a unique wine.
This time standing still reminds us that it is nature that sets our pace and our schedule. The calm and peace of Torralbenc are a precious gift that helps us to go back to the routine with the fullness of being as one with the environment, and the wisdom of being aware that we are just one more link in the chain of life.

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