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Scuba Diving in Menorca

One day scuba diving at UNESCO's declared as the largest “Marine Biosphere Reserve” in the Mediterranean.

Last year, the waters surrounding the island of Menorca were declared by UNESCO as the largest “Marine Biosphere Reserve” in the entire Mediterranean.

Menorca has always strived to defend the natural balance of both land and sea, thus earning the title of the greenest island in the Balearic Islands.

Its seabed, rich in biodiversity, amazes us with its number of caves to explore alone or in a group … which surprise us with shipwrecks and stories of Menorca’s past.

For those who want to learn to dive, it is possible to do it in the hands of instructors who will guide you step by step, as well as coordinate different diving trips both from the beach and from boats any day of the week.

Imagine seeing sea stars and seahorses up close, schools of fish, corals, cross steps of large rocks and tunnels with a magical light from above or even investigating a sunken ship up close. These are just some of the exciting options that Menorca offers under its turquoise waters.

Our concierge team will be happy to help you plan your dives based on your interests, your previous experience and the number of people with whom you want to share moments like this, worth remembering.

Photo: Binibeca Diving Menorca.

Consult our concierge for all the possibilities of scuba diving in Menorca during your stay:

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