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Ruta de Talayots
Prehistoric Menorca: The Talayotic route

An authentic open-air museum.

Menorca retains a wide range of prehistoric monuments throughout the island: taulas, navetas and talayots decorate its fields. In spring, when the days begin to be longer and we can enjoy more hours of light, is the ideal time to explore this authentic open-air museum through the route of talayots.

Although its origins, construction and functionality remain surrounded by mystery, it is believed that the talayots were built between 1000 and 700 BC. The constructions are truncated conical towers, built with the dry-stone technique, without mortar between them. It also seems that talayots had the main function of gaining height to be able to have visibility of the terrain around them. Thus, they are attributed to a certain defensive or surveillance character. In addition, the talayots became elements of social cohesion of the primitive communities and local settlements.

Some of its most characteristic and best-preserved examples are those of Torelló, Trepucó and Cornia Nou. Several of these constructions choose to be declared World Heritage by UNESCO under the name Talayotic Menorca.

Talayots are undoubtedly another reason to explore and discover the charms of the island’s interior. A telluric experience that connects us with the most ancient and primitive of our culture.

Photo: Menorca Experience.

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