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Isla del Rey
The King’s Island - Hauser & Wirth Menorca

An island within another, located within the bay of the Port of Mahón in Menorca.

On many occasions, extraordinary places are closer to us than we would have ever thought. This is especially true in the case of La Isla del Rey, or The King’s Island, located within the bay of the Port of Mahón.

There are many stories that overlap on this island to create that mix of mystery and Mediterranean beauty that surround this small islet: La Isla del Rey.

Many civilizations and cultures have populated the Balearic Islands over the course of history, and in the case of Menorca this islet was renamed La Isla del Rey when the Christian king Alfonso III landed in Menorcan waters as the first step of his conquest of the Muslims. Subsequently, there were several nations that centuries ago set their eyes on Menorca, due to its geographical advantage within maritime trade routes, including the Spanish, French and English who passed through the island and disputed its control.

All these cultures and historical heritage accumulated over centuries. In La Isla del Rey there are remains of a basilica from the 6th century, a British military hospital from the 17th century, later reformed by the Spanish and to which a chapel was added, to then turned into a French war hospital, later an American station, a French coal warehouse, and finally a Spanish foundation.

The exciting stories surrounding this islet can be discovered through guided tours through the ancient buildings, and visual tours of the island’s historical heritage through its photographic archive.

In 2021, the renowned international contemporary and modern art gallery Hauser & Wirth, with locations in Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Somerset, London, Zurich, Gstaad and St.Moritz announced its new headquarters on King’s Island.

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