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Menorca by boat

Talatí. A tour by the marine biodiversity of Menorca.

The summer we all dream of, the one that we will always remember is the one in which we walk barefoot on a boat deck for the first time: skin, sun, and salt. Followed by the crystal clear water of the Menorcan Mediterranean and the best views of the rocky coast that we can imagine. A delicious trampó, a nap moved by the gentle waves and a slice of watermelon. Happiness is easy to find here.

Our boat “Talatí” is much more than a name and even much more than a ship. “Talatí” is a traditional Menorcan “llaut” of 14 meters in length that allows us to enjoy an authentic nautical tour. Cliffs, hidden coves and white sand beaches; small natural paradises of difficult access full of Posidonia meadows, the essence of marine biodiversity on the Mediterranean coast.

“Talatí” is a trip to the hidden natural treasures of Menorca; the possibility of diving among rockfish, seaweed meadows, or coral reefs. “Talatí” is the greatest feeling of freedom that we can imagine, is to get our skin suntanned while the breeze blows our hair away from our faces. “Talatí” is an aperitif at midday or sunset with soft music in the background; It is that natural and relaxed way of approaching to contemplate and enjoying the marine environment that surrounds us, of living by and for the sea, in the purest Menorcan style.

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